A cool article in Fortune magazine about the Campbell Soup Company resurrecting one of its earliest soup recipes - a Beefsteak Tomato Soup recipe from 1915.  In sticking with the original recipe, the Company had to find a local tomato supply.  One change that was made was reducing the amount of salt.

Back in the day, there were no large supermarkets, but rather small grocery stores dotted the neighborhoods. Here, commercially processed foods such as canned soups and sliced bread were first sold, becoming staples in the diets of those hard working Americans.  These commercially made foods made lives easier for those people who worked long hours in the coal mines, steel mills, and clothing factories.

What Campbell Learned From a 101-Year-Old Tomato Soup Recipe

Almost all Americans have a few old family recipes on file to make beloved, home-made meals. At Campbell Soup, these recipes can go back a little further than a generation or two.