Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Moldy Sippy Cup Lids..What About Drinking Bottles?

News reports of moldy sippy cup lids have parents concerned.  And rightly so.  High levels of mold can lead to allergic responses in children.   The issue is that liquid seeps into the areas that are hard or impossible to clean.  This can be a big issue with juices or milk that have the nutrients to be able to support mold or bacterial growth.  Additionally, juices can be sticky, making cleaning more difficult.

Sippy cups are not the only types of cups that have multi-component lids.  Many of the fancy water bottles used by adults and children have these multicomponent lids.  It would be interesting to see if anyone has torn apart these lids.

CNN Health
Moldy sippy cups frighten parents
By Gabrielle Sorto, Special to CNN
Updated 5:41 PM ET, Fri February 26, 2016 

(CNN)Outraged parents are taking to social media after finding mold in their children's sippy cups.

After breaking open the white spout on the underside of the lid of Tommee Tippee sippy cups, parents are finding black mold inside.

Laura Greene, a mom from Forsyth, Missouri, found mold in her 19-month-old daughter's cup on Friday after seeing several other parents posting about it on Facebook. Greene said she has been using the cups for about a year, putting cold milk and water in them for her daughter.

"We spent 15 minutes sawing the spout open. Once we got inside, it was covered in black mold."

Greene said she always washed the cup immediately after each use. She washed the cup by hand with hot soapy water or in the dishwasher with all pieces removed and washed separately.

Greene was upset to discover the mold in her daughter's cup and posted to the Tomee Tippee North America Facebook page with photos. 

"I can't imagine how long she's been drinking mold," Greene wrote. "It makes me feel sick just thinking about it."

Some parents are claiming the moldy cups made their children sick. Amanda Townshend, a mom from Lacey, Washington, discovered mold in her son's cup on Wednesday. She said it took her 30 minutes using a screwdriver and hammer to break it open.

Townshend's son is 16 months old and has been using Tommee Tippee cups for about 10 months. She told CNN that her son always had a stuffy nose after using the cups.

"We didn't put two and two together of the sippy cups and his health until recently," Townshend said. "He's always had a stuffy nose after using them and just about a week or so ago he had an upper respiratory infection." 


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