Friday, October 30, 2015

Bagged Edamame Recalled Due to Allergen Labeling Deficiency...Contains Soy

Giant Foods is recalling frozen edamame because the allergen statement is not there...Contains Soy.   Of course edamame is soy, just the immature version still in the pods.  But some may not recognize this, and by regulation, the common name must be stated.

From the FDA Guidance Q&A document
Packaged foods that are made using soybeans as an ingredient or as a component of a multi-component ingredient (e.g., soy sauce or tofu) should continue to use the word "soybeans" as the appropriate common or usual name for this ingredient to identify properly the ingredient (e.g., "soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt)").

 Centre Daily Times
Giant announces edamame recall
By From CDT staff reports
October 30, 2015

Caution: soybeans contain soy.

A warning like this was left off some edamame, causing a Pennsylvania food chain to pull the product from shelves.

Giant Food Stores, LLC and Martin’s Food Markets announced Friday that it was removing Nature’s Promise Organic Edamame products because they contain soy, but it is not listed on the labels as containing the ingredient, which can cause problems for people with a specific allergy.

Giant said the edamame products are safe for anyone without a soy allergy.

The recalled products include 16 ounce packages of both Nature’s Promise Organic Shelled Edamame with the UPC 68826712764 and Nature’s Promise Edamame in Pod with UPC 68826782124.

Edamame is the word used for fresh, young soybeans, often eaten steamed or blanched, like lima beans or peas.

According to the Carlisle-based company, there have been no reports of anyone suffering from exposure to the allergen to date.

Anyone who has purchased the products can bring their purchase receipt to a Giant or Martin’s store for a full refund.

Additional information on the recall is available by calling the company at 1-888-814-4268 or by visiting store websites.

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