Monday, January 17, 2011

Outbreak of Salmonella Infection Related to Raw Spouts

According to CDC, there have been 30 outbreaks of salmonellosis related to raw sprouts in the last 15 years (  Most recently, an Illinois producer of alfalfa sprouts has been implicated for 125 illnesses.  This producerTiny Greens Organic Farm of Urbana, Illinois announced a recall on December 29, 2010 (
Salmonella is a hazard associated with the raw beans.  During the sprouting process, the beans are watered in a warm environment for a number of days.  Unfortunately, these conditions also allow the Salmonella to multiply.   To control this hazard, bean sprouts are disinfected prior to beginning the sprouting process.  As history indicates however, there are still issues associated with sprouts.   Because of this, high risk populations including the elderly, the very young, pregnant women, and those with weakened immune systems should avoid consuming raw sprouts of any type.  Otherwise, sprouts should be cooked thoroughly.

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