Monday, February 27, 2017

Trader Joe's Unsweetened Apple Sauce Recalled After Complaints for Glass

A California company is recalling three types of Trader Joe's Unsweetened Apple Sauce after the company received three complaints for glass.

The problem with packing in glass is the potential for breakage.  Manufacturing companies go to great lengths to prevent the risk of broken glass in the jars.  The biggest risk comes when jars break in the manufacturing process.  Commonly, jars within an potentially affected radius are removed from the manufacturing line when breakage occurs, and the whole area is cleaned and inspected.

Many manufacturers have moved away from glass to plastic.  Although glass is generally considered superior to plastic in terms of preserving flavor (cooling is faster, no oxygen transmission, etc), plastic does remove the broken glass risk.

FDA Recall Notice
Manzana Products Co., Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of Apple Sauces Due to Potential Presence of Foreign Material
For Immediate Release
February 25, 2017
Consumers Manzana Products Co Michael Calvo
(707) 490-4955

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Manzana Products Co., Inc. is voluntarily recalling three different types of Trader Joe's Unsweetened Apple Sauces due to the potential presence of glass pieces. Details are as follows:

States AffectedName of ProductUPC"Best Before" Date CodesAZ, AL, CA, CO, ID, LA, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA Trader Joe's All Natural Unsweetened Apple Sauce 00014359 ALL CODES Through DEC 16, 2018
National Trader Joe's Organic Unsweetened Apple Sauce 00194877 ALL CODES Through OCT 06, 2018
National Trader Joe's First Crush Unsweetened Gravenstein Apple Sauce 00015905 ALL CODES Through AUG 08, 2018

Each apple sauce is packaged in a 24 oz. glass jar and customers can find the "Best Before" date stamped on top of the lid. The recall was initiated after the company received customer reports of glass found in some of these products. All products have been removed from store shelves and destroyed.

Customers who have purchased the products listed above should not consume them, but may return it to Trader Joe's for a full refund or dispose of them. Customers with questions may contact Manzana Products Co., Inc. at (707) 823- 5313, 8AM-5PM PST, Monday-Friday.

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