Thursday, October 6, 2016

Webinar, 'Play FDA for a Day', Drives Paranoia to a New Level

The webinar, "Play FDA for a Day: Criminalization of foodborne illness and what you can do to protect your company", is presented by a lawyer and a testing company and directs companies to do testing for outbreak-related pathogens before the FDA does.  And if FDA finds an outbreak-related pathogen in your food facility, you are as good as going to jail.  And for these outbreak-related pathogens, there is 1 million unsolved outbreaks in the FDA database just waiting to get solved.  So get a lawyer and get the test kits ASAP.  Because FDA 'investigators' are going to be busting down your door and swabbing the heck out of your facility.

A little paranoia is good, but this presentation is over the top.   There is no doubt that companies need to keep their facilities in order, including ensuring the environment is under control,  doing environmental monitoring with effective corrective action especially when there is risk (product exposed to the environment).  But to date, there have been very few cases where the Department of Justice has gotten involved in outbreak investigations.  The investigations cited were ones where pathogens were found in food and linked to outbreaks through epidemiological investigation.  Subpoenas were issued when wrongdoing was suspected.  

Testing and advice for free or just the hook?  What is an over-the-top lawyer going to tell you when you have an organism in your drain?

(Don't have the time or the will to watch the video, you can read the white paper.)


  1. Wow! Sounded like a sales pitch from Saul Goodman if he was a food safety lawyer...