Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Salmonella Outbreak in MN Linked to Bagged Salad

Bagged salad produced by Taylor Farms are being linked to a Salmonella outbreak in Minnesota where six people have been infected.  The illness occurred in the month of April and product had been pulled from the store where purchased (Sam's Club).   The strain of Salmonella enteritidis was identified by a unique DNA fingerprint.

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Taylor Farms linked to salmonella outbreak
By Andy Nelson May 19, 2016 | 4:45 pm EDT

A salmonella outbreak has been linked to bagged salads shipped by Taylor Farms.

In early May, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture alerted the Food and Drug Administration about salmonella infections it had linked with Organic Kale Medley Power Greens bags shipped by Salinas, Calif.-based Taylor Farms and sold at Sam’s Club stores in Minnesota, according to an FDA spokesperson.

On May 4, after discussion with Minnesota state officials, Sam’s Club removed the product from its store shelves nationwide and directly notified customers who had purchased the produce in Minnesota since March 1, according to the FDA.

As of May 18, the FDA was aiding Minnesota officials on a traceback investigation. The FDA had not identified any positive samples of salmonella.

Doug Schultz, an information officer with the Minnesota Department of Health, confirmed the FDA report.

Taylor Farms did not return requests for comment.

In April and early May, Schultz said, Minnesota’s departments of health and agriculture identified the outbreak and linked it with consumption of the Taylor Farms products.

“Six people with Salmonella Enteritidis infections with the same rare DNA fingerprint pattern were reported to MDH in April,” Schultz said. “The people ranged in age from 7 to 69 and were from Dakota, Hennepin, Itasca, Olmsted and St. Louis counties. Their illnesses began between April 3 and April 26. One person was hospitalized, and all are recovering.”

Sam’s Club officials worked closely with Minnesota officials on the investigation before pulling product and notifying customers, he said.

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