Friday, March 28, 2014

CDC's An Atlas of Salmonella

Plot a bunch of illness-causing strains of Salmonella over 4 decades onto the maps of the US and you get the Atlas of Salmonella.  There are those geeks out there (you know who you are) that will really stick their nose in this, and some that may even consider wall papering their bathroom with it, but for most others.....not really sure at this point.

CDC Website
New! Public health scientists have tracked Salmonella infections in the United States since 1962. By identifying the structures on the bacteria’s surfaces, scientists can classify the many types of Salmonella into serotypes.
An Atlas of Salmonella in the United States, 1968-2011 Adobe PDF file [PDF - 248 pages] is the first-of-its-kind report that charts over 40 years of laboratory-confirmed surveillance data on 32 Salmonella serotypes. The report includes analyses by age, sex, season, and geography, down to the county level. This is the first time CDC has posted these data online in a downloadable format.

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