Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Food Pouches Recalled Due to Spoilage Issues

Plum Organics, a California company, is recalling its baby food pouch products due to the spoilage issues. The reason for the spoilage was blamed on a manufacturing issue and resulted in swollen pouches. The product has national distribution including distribution through outlets such as Target. 

While this is not claimed to be a pathogen issue, eating spoiled product can still result in gastrointestinal distress (diarrhea, stomach pain, etc), which can be especially troublesome in infants and preschool-aged children. 

Looking at the variety of products in pouches, there may be some difficulty in determining which pouches are affected. Click here for a listing / pictures of the affected products.

The company also issued a recall in 2009 when it was determined the proper acidity was not achieved thus resulting in a Clostridium botulinum risk. 

Plum organics is a subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company.

FDA News Release
Plum Organics Voluntarily Recalls a Range of Pouch Products

Plum Organics Consumer Hotline:

Kara Flynn
Plum Organics

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE —November 8, 2013 – Plum Organics is voluntarily recalling pouch products within its Baby Stage 2, Tots Mish Mash and Kids lines after discovering a manufacturing defect that may cause spoilage in some pouches. Recalled products can be identified by the “Best By” dates ranging from 08/05/14 to 12/08/14 and the letters “AT.” Consumers can find a list of affected products at

Plum has determined that the potential spoilage may cause some pouches to swell. Out of an abundance of caution, Plum is removing all pouches with affected codes.

Parents should not feed any of these products to their children. Consumers who have purchased affected products should contact the Plum Organics Consumer Hotline at 866-495-3774 or send an email to to request a product replacement voucher.

“As a father of two, I know how it feels to want nothing but the very best for our kids and yours,” said Neil Grimmer, president and co-founder of Plum Organics. “Over the years, Plum has worked hard to earn the trust of parents, and we fully intend on maintaining that trust. We are taking every action to ensure that our highest standards are being met.”

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