Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guideance for Food Operations Exposed to Floods and Hurricanes

When a major disaster strikes, the safety of food becomes a major question.  In some cases refrigeration is lost for several days, in other cases, food is exposed to contaminated water.

For consumers, careful evaluation is needed for those foods stored in a the refrigerator or freezer that has lost electrical power ( , and what to do when returning to a home that has been in a hurricane or flood (

For businesses that handle food, FDA provides guidance for disasters.

·        Handling of food items exposed to flood waters (  It is important to note that jars with screw tops and bottles with crimp lids (beer and soda bottles) be destroyed.  The reason for this is that debris may become lodged in the space between the cap and jar.   

·        Restaurants and Grocers reopening after flood or hurricane (

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