Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Deli Items Recalled After Egg Ingredient Tests Positive for Salmonella

Meijer Grocery Store is recalling fresh pre-made salad and sandwich items after the supplier of hard boiled eggs sent notification that their egg products tested positive for Salmonella.  That supplier, Prime Foods of Indiana produces hard boiled eggs.  The items were sold in several states in the Midwest and there have not been any illness reported to date.

How does one screw up a hard boiled egg?  At this point, it is hard to say.  Heating eggs to hard boiled status should eliminate Salmonella.  So 1) the eggs were undercooked and would have been soft in texture 2) post-process (heating) contamination, or 3) bad test results.

Again, while we have no additional information at this point, it is a reminder for keeping procedures tight, not only on the processing floor but also in the laboratory.  Not sure if this was an internal laboratory or a 3rd party laboratory that did the testing, but regardless, acurate test results are critical. If results are not, then we can have a recall.  Unfortunately, testing often gets little focus until there is an issue like this.

FDA Recall Notice
Meijer Recalls Fresh Salad Products Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination
July 26, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Flour Recall Expanded Due to Additional Cases of E. coli Infection

General Mills expanded their recall of retail flour from which was initially announced on May 21, 2017 due to 4 additional cases of E. coli infection.  According to the report, these cases are "connected with consumers reporting that they ate or handled uncooked dough or ate uncooked batter made with raw flour"

Also in the news report:
"At this time, it is unknown if we are experiencing a higher prevalence of E.coli in flour than normal, if this is an issue isolated to General Mills' flour, or if this is an issue across the flour industry. The newer detection and genome sequencing tools are also possibly making a connection to flour that may have always existed at these levels." 
Whole genome sequencing has changed the game in terms of tracking the organism responsible for foodborne illness outbreaks.  But is this why see these outbreaks, or is there something occurring in the food supply chain, specifically higher contamination levels of E. coli in grains.

PR Newswire
General Mills Expands Retail Flour Recall

Friday, July 22, 2016

Oklahoma Company Recalls Hot Dog Items Due to Potential for Listeria

Bar-S of Oklahoma is recalling hot dog products due to the concern for Listeria in the processing facility.  The notice states that although product had not tested positive, "but due to recurring Listeria species issues at the firm, it has decided to remove the products from commerce as a precautionary measure".

USDA News Release
 Bar-S Foods Company Recalls Chicken and Pork Hot Dog and Corn Dog Products Due to Possible Listeria Contamination
Class I Recall 061-2016
Health Risk: High Jul 19, 2016

Supermarkets Recall Foodservice Bean Salad Items Because of Supplier Listeria Concern

Supermarket chains Giant and Wegman's are recalling bean salad after notification by the bean supplier of Listeria contamination.  The product is a foodservice item that is sold in display cases by the pound.

Giant News Release
PRODUCT RECALL: Own Brands 3 Bean Salad

Canned Beans Recalled After Consumer Finds Broken Ink Pen in Can

Hy-Vee is recalling cans of black beans after a broken pen was discovered in a can by a consumer.  According to the report "The potential for contamination was discovered after Faribault Foods, Inc., Hy-Vee’s supplier, announced it was issuing a recall after one consumer reported finding a partial ink pen in one container. "

Wow, this is something we talk about, but here it is, a broken pen in product.  You wonder if the person knew they dropped it in the facility, or it was just left in a spot where it fell into the process?  Clearly, it has become a very expensive pen.

FDA Recall Notice
Hy-Vee Voluntarily Recalls a Limited Quantity of Its No-Salt-Added Black Beans Due to Potential Presence of Foreign Material

ConAgra Expands Recall of Frozen Entree Products With Potential Metal Contamination

 ConAgra is expanding their recall of PF Chang branded frozen entrees.  The initial recall, issued on July 7th was for metal pieces that were found in the sugar used in the formulation..a supplier related issue.  The recall was expanded on "July 14, 2016, ConAgra Foods was notified by the supplier of additional production lots of sugar that were impacted, such that the initial recall needed to be expanded to include additional P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Brand meals.". 

It was also pointed out in the recall notice that " these products are not served in P.F. Chang’s restaurants. Meals in P.F. Chang’s restaurants are made fresh every day and in every restaurant."
FDA Recall Notice
ConAgra Foods Expands Recall of P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Brand Meals Available in Grocery Retailers Due to Potential Presence of Foreign Material ConAgra Foods Does Not Make Meals for P.F. Chang’s Restaurants

For Immediate Release
July 16, 2016

Insulated Water Bottles Recalled Due to Lead Issues

LL Bean is recalling kid's water bottles because the bottle base has high levels of lead that may result in lead contamination of liquids stored in those water bottles.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
GSI Outdoors Recalls Children’s Water Bottles Due to Violation of Lead Standard; Sold Exclusively at L.L.Bean

Recall date: July 19, 2016
Recall number: 16-227

Recall Summary
Name of product: Kids’ insulated water bottles